Open Animin Sneak Preview Video

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“What happens when you put a bunch of AR tech specialists, digital artists and games developers together in an east London hideaway? The answer comes in the form of Animin, your new favourite personal companion.

Animin was also jostling for the accolade of Toy Fair 2014’s top tech toy, and when you get to know it you’ll see why… What we’ve got here is a very nifty 3D virtual pet that relies on augmented reality to bring it magically to life. Think of it a bit like a Tamagotchi for a new generation.

When you get your hands on your creature you’ll be wanting to see it evolve from a baby to a fully grown adult. This requires a mixture of careful feeding, nurturing and play (via a collection of inbuilt mini games). Obviously the happier your Animin is, the sooner it can evolve into the next stage of its life (of which there are eight).

And if there was an award for best hair of the show we reckon it would go to Animin’s Joe Kletz, just saying…”

Matt Farrington-Smith, MSN UK

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